Still Life at Big Lake

We rode our bikes to a fat unripe pear. It was a Big Lake we wandered around
  and found torn edges, yellowing and curved up at the corners.
      It was a half-moon pear sliced through with pavement
                   swallowed in cornflower blue flat wash when it rained. 
              There was a playground dangling in the distance,
                        with busted swings on rusted chains.
               No children went there or the ball field or the lake whose shallow pear bottom     
was a swamp with a “no fishing” sign sticking out.
           Rumor was, it was descended from a famous glacier,
      but you can’t see that in the frame. 
     There’s just pale yellow loess
   rising around it, lined with trees twisting to a vanishing point.
     Our grandfather was born and drowned there
                             but we climbed out
                                                              and ran away. 

Just a few snaps from an afternoon spent wandering my hometown, Council Bluffs, Iowa.
June 7,2020.